Green and Grounded – New Improved StaticStop ESD Flooring

We’ve improved upon our StaticStop interlocking ESD flooring.

SelecTech's StaticStop ESD flooring tiles are the only ESD products available that have no disclaimers for high-moisture, irregular and problem subfloors. It is the first and only static control flooring system that is "conductive, connected and grounded"™.

Our unique and innovative interlocking flooring solution is now even easier to install and does not require messy adhesives, copper foil, underlayments or padding. StaticStop ESD flooring provides a simplified and convenient installation process that translates into less down time for facilities, which further translates into reduced costs and an improved bottom line.

StaticStop ESD flooring is manufactured with a minimum of 20 percent recycled materials, and it is the only conductive flooring of its kind that can contribute to LEED™ points.

StaticStop interlocking ESD floor tiles are more robust and even simpler to install, resulting in a beautiful, seamless finish. Benefits to the customer are high quality, overall savings and the fact that it’s a green product. Our StaticStop ESD tiles are the densest at 7.94mm when compared to our competitor’s 5mm and ours have a built-in underlayment, which is key for a reliable, stable and durable installation.

StaticStop ESD flooring is versatile enough for a variety of static control environments from electronic manufacturing environments to mission critical environments such as Server Rooms and Data Centers; Federal and State Government Operation Centers and PBX, HUB and Call Centers. It is ideal for retailers, commercial buildings, government buildings, food service providers, schools and more.

Additionally, a visual such as a company logo or a general pattern from SelecTech's stock image collection may be printed on StaticStop ESD flooring. We cater to a number of retailers that require a logo or pattern on StaticStop ESD flooring and use it in various merchandising areas. It’s also perfect for franchise renovations.