Floored by downtime. How downtime factors into the cost of purchasing a new floor.

Whether you’re a business owner, manager, or worker, the words “downtime” can literally send your heart into palpitations. While the most common inference of downtime is being without computer access, downtime can be as costly if work has to stop for other reasons: like building maintenance and construction.

How much? It depends on the industry. In the auto industry, it is estimated that one minute of stopped production, or downtime, costs an average of $22,000 but can run as high as $50,000 per minute. Selectech’s meaningful downtime savings is why our FreeStyle ESD product was recently selected by a major parts supplier for the automotive industry when they were looking to install a new ESD floor.

While there are a number of formulas to estimate how much downtime costs, most relate to network issues. For downtime for buildings and space undergoing renovation, other formulas can be utilized. For example, in the retail world, sales per square foot is used.

For example, a 10,000 square-foot store with average sales revenues of $25,000 per day yields revenue downtime costs of $2.50 per square foot. If SelecTech products are able to save the owner 3 days of downtime during a renovation, that translates to $7.50 per square foot of downtime savings, (or $75,000). That’s why when downtime is factored into the equation, along with materials and installation costs, SelecTech products usually are the less expensive option.

“The common perception in the construction world is the job goes to the lowest bidder,” said Tom. “In recent years, that’s been changed. Savvy purchasers are now looking at their total cost of ownership, including downtime, and making their buying decisions based on the most efficient values available. There are a lot of reasons why businesses purchase our flooring, but the most often mentioned is lack of downtime during installation and maintenance.”

Utilizing a breakthrough interlocking technology, SelecTech products completely bypass the need for adhesives and floor prep to install or replace flooring. This dramatically reduces installation times because old flooring can be left in place and machinery and furniture does not have to be completely moved or removed for installation. Installation of SelecTech flooring does not require adhesives, which enables it to be installed without extensive and time-consuming floor preparation or moisture mitigation.

SelecTech flooring products are made using recycled material and are 100 percent recyclable. So, SelecTech not only reduces and eliminates downtime, but contributes to the green efforts of manufacturers, retail outlets and other larger facilities.

Another benefit of SelecTech flooring, specifically its anti-static flooring products, is that it can have a sustainable impact on computer network operations. SelecTech’s ESD flooring products safely dissipate harmful static electricity and can minimize the likelihood ofsystem crashes and data interruption. A. That’s why industries such as electronics manufacturing, communications, aerospace, biotech and healthcare where electronics and sensitive data must be protected utilize SelecTech ESD flooring.

You can learn more about SelecTech products, including our FreeStyle ESD flooring products, visit http://www.selectechinc.com