A Plus for workers and maintenance. SelecTech unveils StaticStop’s Freestyle ESD Plus flooring

When it comes to choices of ESD flooring, most companies will opt for the flooring that minimizes the impact of static electricity first and foremost, with comfort and cleanliness coming in a distant second. With StaticStop’s FreeStyle ESD Plus™ product, SelecTech, Inc. provides electronics manufactures the best of all worlds.

ESD floorings, by definition, are softer than your average flooring. That makes the floor more comfortable to stand on for longer periods, which workers like, but dirt can get ground into the tile. That makes ESD tiles more work to maintain. StaticStop’s FreeStyle ESD Plus™, with its polyurethane finish, gives you the benefit of a floor that mitigates the impact of static electricity, looks great and is easy to maintain. And with our interlocking technology, areas of the floor that experience more use can be replaced individually as needed.

“We’ve had several new customers choose FreeStyle ESD Plus™. These companies are in the business of manufacturing electronic products,” said David Leventhal, a Northeast distributor of StaticStop products. “All report the same thing. It looks great, it’s more comfortable and easy to maintain. In fact, we have already had customers place additional orders of ESDPlus for other parts of their facility because they liked it that much.”

With its interlocking technology, StaticStop’s FreeStyle ESD Plus™ flooring allows for installation without messy glues or adhesives. Consequently, new flooring can be installed with little or no down time.

In addition to being made largely from recycled materials, StaticStop’s FreeStyle ESD Plus™ is made from mostly recycled materials that are 100 percent recyclable. These materials create a static-controlled environment that’s perfect for industries that significantly utilize electronics and sensitive data like electronics manufacturing, communications, aerospace, biotech, healthcare industries, and other high-tech industries.

StaticStop’s FreeStyle ESD Plus™ is manufactured to provide a durable and long-lasting floor covering under a range of temperature and exposure conditions and is backed by a 10-Year limited warranty against wear. To request samples and a copy of ESD flooring binder, please call 508-583-3200 or visit www.selectechinc.com.