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Our Access Floors In Brigham & Women’s Hospital

access floors


access floors


You don’t need to be an expert in the medical field to know that specialized equipment is a part of everyday life. No matter which hospital is at discussion, the need for such equipment is only one part of the equation. Access floors, although often overlooked, plays a significant role in everyday medical life.

For example, if you have ever had an MRI, you have seen the hi-tech equipment needed to perform the scan. Where there is specialized, expensive electronic and medical equipment, there ought to be specialized flooring. At SelecTech, our FreeStyle BioLock flooring fits the bill for a number of MRS, X-Ray, and medical lab rooms.


Brigham & Women’s access floors

Recently, our company was fortunate to work closely with Brigham & Women’s Hospital in Boston. With a need for an updated flooring system that projected the sensitive equipment in use, among other requirements, SelecTech proved the most capable.

“An MRI room requires a special kind of tile for any number of reasons. For this particular job, the room utilized Hayworth’s access flooring system. Therefore, required a finished surface that could be removed to gain access to the subfloor panels. It also required embedding Gauss Lines on the floor to signify the magnetic field inside of the room,” stated Thomas Ricciardelli, president of SeleTech, Inc. “On top of all that, the MRI floor needs to provide comfort to the medical staff who have to stand on the tiles all day, as well as be easy to maintain. With these considerations in mind, FreeStyle performs like few other tiles in a hospital setting.”

The project was initiated and installed by Integrated Interiors, an installer of Haworth Tecrete access flooring systems.


FreeStyle is assisting the healthcare industry

With all of the medical industry’s sophistications, access flooring has a significant effect on both equipment, staff, and patients alike. BioLock is created specifically with these considerations in mind. Below are a few highlights one can expect when choosing FreeStyle access floors:

  • Slip resistance
  • Underfoot comfort
  • Subfloor moisture minimalization
  • Enhanced indoor air quality
  • Quick installation with little to no downtime
  • Superior static control properties
  • Adhesive and VOC free installation

For more information on the best access flooring in the medical industry, contact our team of professionals at 508-583-3200.