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3 Areas Benefiting From Anti-Static Epoxy Solutions

anti-static floor mat

Every industry has its own set of requirements. Whether it’s particular equipment or specific materials, there is always some need to be met. Flooring is no exception. Here at SelecTec, we offer a variety of flooring solutions that will meet the needs of any industry. This article covers three areas that are benefiting from the application of Static Stop’s anti-static epoxy flooring.



Electronics Manufacturing Areas

Static can cause unrepairable damage to a variety of electronics. Whether you’re dealing with manufacturing or data storage, the smallest amount of foreign material can destroy an entire project. This is especially true with companies dealing with smaller devices. These devices tend to generate higher amounts of static electricity.

Thus, having a solution such as EpoxyStyle ESD becomes even more imperative than ever before. You’ll have a solution that can be easily applied over old concrete floors creating the protection you need.


Test Labs

Testing environments are some of the most sensitive to outside factors. Not only are these rooms susceptible to interference, but also to damage caused by electrostatic discharge. Thus, when it comes to static control, having the right flooring solution is imperative. With EpoxyStyle ESD, you can have peace of mind that your sensitive equipment and results have the utmost protection and perform at optimal levels.



When downtime is not a concern to your business’ production, the options for your flooring solutions become more expansive. EpoxyStyle ESD is applied in two coatings and can be used within 12 hours of application. Not only will this product provide your warehouse a uniformed, matte finish, but it will also provide you with a lower-cost solution. With superior toughness and durability, what more could you ask for?



EpoxyStyle ESD is the durable anti-static epoxy flooring solution you’ve been looking for. Applied as a two-part finish, the range of colors make this flooring the perfect solution for nearly any industry. For more information, contact the team at Static Stop today (877) 738-4537.