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Best Practices for Cleaning Your Static Control Floor Mat

static control floor mat

First, congratulations on your excellent choice to install Static Stop’s ESD flooring! As a leader in the industry, Static Stop provides innovative flooring solutions for industrial and commercial industries. From aerospace to hospitals, we have the static control floor mats your company needs to operate at maximum efficiency. However, installation is not the end of the road. Protecting your investment with proper maintenance and products is imperative to maintaining proper function anti-static performance. Here are a few products we love.


Your flooring will inevitably need cleaning at some point. From everyday wear and tear, dirt and grime will build-up over time However, before you grab for the commercial brand cleaner, consider ProtectOHM ESD. This floor cleaner is specifically designed by SelecTech to get your floor clean with minimal residue. With built-in conductive additives, elements of your floor will benefit from performance enhancement with this specialized formula. ProtectOHM ESD can be used on both ESD hard surface flooring as well as carpet solutions.



Now that your static control floor mats are clean, it’s time to restore them to their original state. With DuraShield ESD, not only will the shine of your floor be enhanced, but it will be restored to its original state. DuraShield will help reduce scuffing and cleaning requirements with its conductive additive that bonds with the ESD vinyl. Protect your floors from unsightly scratches and shoe scuffs with SelecTech’s innovative flooring restoration solution.



Gone are the days of buffing your floor. An integral component of your flooring maintenance, DuraBuff ESD, will extend the static dissipating qualities of your floor mat. Extending the time between stripping and recoating procedures, DuraBuff ESD will not only save you time, but it will also save you money. Ideal for application in computer rooms, electronic assembly areas, telephone substations, and other areas where positive elimination of static electricity is a prime consideration.
Another ideal way to extend the performance of your ESD flooring is with CleanStrip ESD. CleanStrip is designed to help remove residues from detergents, dirt, and floor finishes that can interfere with the optimal static control. Remove old build-up easily with CleanStrip ESD.



Protecting your static control floor mat with the right cleaning products is imperative to maintaining optimal performance. At Static Stop, we have the flooring solutions for total static elimination. Contact our team of professionals to explore the variety of options and colors we provide. Always keeping sustainability in mind, Static Stop is the solution you’ve been waiting for. Call us today at 508.583.3200