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Why Your Clean Room Flooring is Imperative

clean room flooring

During this unprecedented time, the country continues to innovate solutions allowing us to keep up with the demands of the COVID-19 pandemic. From front line workers to medical supplies and equipment, the need is there. One of the most significant reliefs our hospitals have seen is the appearance of temporary popup healthcare facilities. Although temporary, these facilities function as a traditional facility would. That means elements from clean room flooring to supply storage are held under strict guidelines and regulations.

So, how does one bring the permanent into a temporary situation? With innovative products and solutions, that’s how. At SelecTech, we are leaders in the manufacture of innovative flooring products that provide long-term value with immediate benefits. From FreeStyle BioLock Flooring to SelecTile ESD, our flooring solutions offer precisely what these types of facilities require.



Quick installations

Interlocking clean room flooring enables a quick and easy solution in times of urgency (or not). By eliminating the need for subfloor preparation, existing floors are no longer a concern. Interlocking flooring tiles are placed over subflooring, allowing for quick installation with little to no disruption or downtime.



Easy, worry-free maintenance

Possibly one of the most critical components of clean room flooring properties is the ability for easy maintenance. No matter what the setting, sanitization procedures are held to the highest standards. However, with flooring that provides liquid-tight sealing, the worry of spilled chemicals or fluids seeping into the subfloor is no longer a concern. Having a floor that keeps liquids on the surface allows for easy, worry-free sanitization to occur.



Reusable and Recyclable

Given the meaning of temporary, having a solution that minimizes, if not eliminates waste, seems ideal, right? Well, with SelecTech, you’ll find just that. Not only are our products sustainable, but we encourage customers to take advantage of our take-back program if the need for the flooring is no longer there. Once you’re done with the flooring, our company will buy it back to recycle the product into new tiles.



At SelecTech, our mission is to provide the world with an innovative solution that meets the needs of all while keeping sustainability front and center. From clean room flooring to stain-resistant salon flooring, we’re here for you. For more information or to request a sample of our products, contact our team at (508) 583-3200.