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ESD Tile Flooring: What You Need to Know

esd tile flooring

Before you visited StaticStop™ and started reading about our ESD tile flooring, you probably were doing a bit of research on your own. Wondering what considerations you should have about the more standard ESD flooring options out there is an excellent starting point. However, as you may have already realized, there are plenty of challenges that may come with permanent ESD flooring.

At SelecTech, we’re committed to our customers, which is why we’re looking at a few of those challenges. Whether you’re investing in healthcare flooring or searching out static control floor mats, we have the answers you need.



Specialized options are often more expensive than traditional flooring because of the specific concerns they address. For example, with ESD flooring, the added expense is contributed to the flooring providing a solution for electrostatic situations. On top of the flooring cost, there are additional added costs for elements such as underlayment, conductive coats, moisture barriers, and so on.



Less than ideal subfloors require preparations that can set one back on time and budget. You’ll find in your research that several brands of ESD floors are temperamental for their environment. In order to provide the best results, subfloor preparation is required. However, this extra step can make a significant impact on your renovation project.



With the additional work put in for preparation, you’ll also be facing adding time to installation in several cases. ESD tile flooring that requires specific conditions for ideal use will generally require professional installation. This type of installation often involves adhesives and other materials that require drying time before they become usable.



One of the last categories of consideration when researching ESD tile flooring lies within the required maintenance. You’ll find that many floors require specific floor finishes and cleaning solutions to avoid damage. If damaged, the floor may need to be replaced in its entirety to resolve the issue.


Luckily, Static Stop has the ESD tile flooring that rids you of all these worries. Our interlocking tiles are the only ESD products on the market with no disclaimers for high-moisture, irregular, or problem subfloors. We eliminate prep, cut down on installation times and maintenance, and are easily replaced if a tile should become damaged. With more questions about our product,

Contact our team at SelecTech today to learn more about our innovative flooring solutions designed with your best interests in mind! Call today (508) 583-3200.