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ESD vs an Anti-Static Floor Mat

anti static floor mat

At one point or another, you’ve probably felt the effect of static on carpeted surfaces. After shuffling your feet across a carpeted floor, you reach for the light switch or doorknob, and there it is. A nice friendly zap to wake you up. Although many of us are accustomed to this, eliminating the shock with an anti-static floor mat or carpeting that can prevent static discharge is an option! Here at Static Stop, we have the anti-static solutions that not only help residential environments but commercial as well.

From aerospace to laboratories, static can be the cause of equipment malfunctions. Disrupting transmissions or causing complete failure, anti-static flooring solutions are a must-have in this type of workspace. However, when considering options, many people confuse ESD with anti-static. In some instances, this difference is negligible, but in others, it can be the difference of millions of dollars in equipment costs.

What is Anti-Static?

Anti-static floor mats or carpeting will limit the amount of electrical charge generated by minimizing static buildup. Consider this, the average electric shock that one endures from touching a metal surface is around 3,000 volts. With anti-static carpeting you can reduce that number to below 2,000 volts. Although this amount is still more than enough to damage electronics, it will help absorb the shock to your employees.

An anti-static floor mat will help to ground the electrical charge preventing the ESD from building up and discharging into the environment.

What is ESD?

In contrast, ESD carpeting will ground your employees and other walking upon the surface. The carpet tiles will keep static output below 100 volts, similar to the results of a floor mat. This number will not only ensure the optimal environment for individuals, but it will also keep your equipment safe. Items that are ESD are typically always anti-static. However, not all anti-static items meet ESD requirements.

ESD, or electrostatic discharge, is a flow of electricity between two electrically charged objects. The ESD occurs when differently charged objects are brought close together, often creating a visible spark.

esd floor tiles

If you’ve been searching for an anti-static floor mat or ESD solution for your static-sensitive environment, it’s time to contact our team at (508) 583-3200. SelecTech has the innovative flooring solutions that surpass any of the competition. Perfect for any environment, our team of experts can help you choose which solution is best for your requirements.