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ESD vs Antistatic Carpeting


You’ve probably felt the effect of static on carpeted surfaces. You’ve probably shocked yourself on a metal doorknob after accidentally shuffling your feet on a carpeted floor. If this is something you’re used to, then it can be surprising to think of carpet that prevents static shock or discharge.

When you’re designing a new office or static-sensitive environment, you need to consider what flooring you’re adding. There are plenty of options available, including carpeting. At StaticStop, we offer ESD carpet tiles, which have built-in conductive fibers. This means that you won’t be getting any static shocks or discharging static.

When considering ESD carpet, many people confuse ESD with anti-static. In some instances, this difference is negligible, but in others, it can be the difference between ruining thousands of dollars in electronics. Be aware of the difference before installing any carpet.

When you feel an electric shock from touching metal, that shock is actually around 3,000 volts. In contrast, it only takes 100 volts to damage open circuitry. You can permanently ruin electronics without noticing, especially if you are in an electronics manufacturing environment.

Anti-static carpeting will limit the amount of charge generated by contact with the fibers. It limits it to below 2,000 volts, but this is still more than enough to damage electronics. If you’re looking to limit the amount of shock your employees might feel, anti-static carpeting can do the trick.

In contrast, ESD carpeting will ground people walking on it, so that they will not put out much of a discharge. The carpet tiles can keep your static output below 100 volts so that it will not damage any electronics. It will also limit shocks that are noticeable, so it does the job of anti-static carpeting as well.

While you can use hard tile flooring for electronics manufacturing areas, carpet can be more comfortable. The soft surface is easier to stand on for an extended period, and it acts as a sponge for electrostatic discharge.

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