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High Traffic Flooring: What Does It Mean?

Medical and Healthcare Flooring

Being sent on the hunt for high traffic ESD floors can prove difficult, especially when you’re not exactly sure what qualifies a floor for “high traffic”! StaticStop knows all the best characteristics of a great high traffic flooring, and if you’re searching for a few key points, we have some phrases to remember.

Reasonable cost

Most will assume high traffic floors will cost a little extra for their durability, but no one wants to pay an arm and a leg for it. Luckily, there are many options now available that are reasonably priced and offer the protection you’re searching for.

Easy maintenance

Though ESD flooring maintenance is slightly different than your standard flooring options, it shouldn’t require an obscene amount of work to keep up with and preserve. Simple cleaning solutions and easy fixes to damaged areas are a must.

Resistance to external elements

Whether it is in a warehouse or a hospital floor, high traffic flooring has to stand up to the threats that could potentially impact its integrity. Moisture, the weight of heavy machinery, scratches, and other common problems must be taken into consideration before purchasing.

Comfortable for standing

Workers who spend a majority of their day on their feet need the support from the ground up. Investing in high traffic flooring that feels great under your feet can prevent injury and reduce additional body pains in the ankles, knees, hips, and back.

Quick installation

Having a high-traffic area in your business means taking even a few hours out of your work day to install flooring can negatively impact your sales and production. StaticStop™ has interlocking, high-traffic, conductive floor tiles that minimize installation time, which ultimately eliminates the need for prep and even the need for professional installation.

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