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How Does Antistatic Epoxy Work?

antistatic epoxy

There are multiple options when it comes to antistatic flooring solutions. Other than interlocking floor tiles, there is also the option of an epoxy finish, which can be applied to subfloors that are in good enough condition to accept a finish.


But what is antistatic epoxy, and how does it work?


Antistatic epoxy is a type of epoxy resin that has been formulated to dissipate or prevent the buildup of static electricity. The antistatic properties of antistatic epoxy are typically achieved by incorporating conductive or dissipative materials into the epoxy resin.


Here’s a closer look at how this resin dissipates static electricity.


Conductive Fillers

Antistatic epoxy formulations include conductive fillers, such as carbon black or metallic particles. These materials conduct electricity and help dissipate static charges by creating a network within the epoxy matrix, providing a path for the flow of electricity. This allows any static charge that builds up on the surface to be conducted away, preventing the accumulation of charge.


Surface Resistance

The effectiveness of these epoxy finishes is often measured in terms of surface resistance. A low surface resistance indicates that the material is more conductive and can quickly discharge static electricity. Our EpoxyStyle ESD™ epoxy offers < 1Meg-Ohm resistance.


Dissipation of Charge

When an ESD epoxy surface comes into contact with a charged object, the embedded conductive materials help in the rapid dissipation of the static charge. The rapid dissipation of the charge reduces the risk of damage to sensitive electronic components.


Antistatic Expoxy | StaticStop by SelecTech

ESD epoxy is a durable and long lasting alternative to interlocking antistatic flooring solutions. Our antistatic epoxy is formulated to maintain their antistatic properties over time, even after exposure to environmental factors like humidity, temperature fluctuations, and wear and tear.

Antistatic epoxy is ideal for electronics manufacturing facilities, aircraft hangars, or any industrial space where the subfloor is in good condition. StaticStop ESD epoxy finishes from SelecTech are easy to apply with standard rollers. Within 12 hours of application, it can be ready for light traffic. The epoxy provides a uniform matte finish which can be enhanced with our DuraGuard ESD finish.


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