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How to Maintain Your Anti-static Cleanroom Flooring

cleanroom flooring

Your cleanroom flooring is more than just a surface to walk on; it’s a vital aspect to the integrity of your anti-static environment. With equipment in cleanrooms and laboratories continuing to grow in sophistication, it’s imperative to keep your flooring solutions just as innovative.

Interference from electrostatic discharge, as well as particles in the air, can result in devasting effects. However, you’re reading this article because you’ve made an excellent investment, or are considering to do so, in Static Stop’s line of innovative static control flooring. However, how you care for your new flooring is just as critical as deciding to install our product!

Choosing the right cleaning solutions

Although they’re readily available, cleaning your anti-static flooring with commercialized products is not recommended. This type of product typically contains several different harsh ingredients that will compromise the integrity of your cleanroom flooring.

Of course, keeping your floors clean of dirt, debris, and other residue is also key to maintaining the static control properties. However, when it concerns mopping or washing your floors, check out specially crafted ESD floor detergents like ProtectOHM ESD™ cleaner. This cleaner has conductive materials that will enhance the static performance of the flooring rather than subdue it.

Preserving your cleanroom flooring

Beyond the maintenance of your flooring, added measures for preservation will also help extend the effectiveness of the innovative properties. To begin with, many static control floor options are much easier to maintain if they’re treated with an ESD finish. Softer materials, like vinyl, are easily scratched by heavy equipment and sharp objects. By applying ESD finishing, you’re not only preserving the static control properties, but you’re also helping extend the integrity of the surface of the floor.

Understanding the unique qualities of your cleanroom flooring is crucial for proper maintenance. Although our anti-static flooring solutions require very little in regards to upkeep, when the time comes, you’ll want to be sure to have the best cleaning solutions on hand. Be sure to visit our page on flooring cleaning and finishing products for more information. Still have questions? Give us a call today at (877) 738-4537; our team is always happy to assist!