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Importance of Conductive Vinyl Flooring

conductive vinyl flooring

A lot of thought goes into learning which type of flooring is right for your space. One of the most important decisions is whether or not you need to use conductive vinyl flooring. ESD, or electrostatic dissipative flooring, is designed to discharge static electricity and keep your employees and customers safe. If you need ESD flooring, our line of StaticStop products are easy to install and comes in a variety of designs and styles.

Do you need ESD?

Choosing a floor made from conductive flooring materials is necessary for a variety of spaces. When working with some types of metals, it’s crucial to maintain a stable environment when creating things like airplanes, delicate healthcare components, and explosives. You may also need conductive flooring when working in a data control center with many electronic components. Static electricity that is not discharged to the ground may influence how well your machinery works. Laboratories are also candidates for static control flooring because of the sensitive nature of the chemicals and other substances in a lab environment.

What makes our conductive vinyl flooring unique?

Our StaticStop products made by professionals here at SelecTech are perfect for industrial and commercial settings because they are tough. They are built to meet and exceed quality standards, meaning they can withstand heavy traffic and the weight of even the heaviest machinery. Additionally, our product is super easy to install. Quick installation means less downtime for your business, so you never have to worry about pausing production for long periods. Our unique interlocking tile also makes repairs and replacements a breeze. Simply remove the damaged tile and put a new one in its place.

At SelecTech, we understand how important it is to have the right flooring for your business. Whether you’re building airplanes or fixing laptops, choosing conductive vinyl flooring  may be essential to keeping your business running and your employees safe.

For more information about StaticStop or any of our other products, please call us at 508-583-3200.