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Industries that Benefit from ESD Flooring

industrial esd flooring

Renovations in any work environment can be hectic, and sometimes difficult when you must meet specific standards. If you’ve been assigned the task to research flooring options for your business, StaticStop is a great place to start. We offer a variety of ESD flooring options for our customers, and have helped in a number of industries. Researching the role your floor will play in your business is a vital part of creating a workspace conducive to your products, and we want to discuss some of the trades that benefit from our flooring.


This can be applying to both electronic manufacturing as well as industries that use extensive electronics equipment. Having ESD flooring not only protects your equipment from interference or damage of common static problems, it can also help keep your employees safe from harmful static charges.


When it comes to flooring in medical offices and hospitals, its important that if you invest in new materials, that it is something similar to our high-traffic ESD floors. In medical settings, professionals must create a clean and specialized environment for patients while also finding floor options that will protect sensitive equipment and the sensitive patient data that is stored and transmitted.


Being involved in any department of the military can often mean using sophisticated equipment on a regular basis. That being said, they often rely on a standard of commercially developed ESD flooring options that are conducive to their specified needs.

Your business might not fit in these categories, and that is okay! If there is one thing StaticStop knows, it’s that being an innovative company might mean investing in materials that haven’t been used before. If you’re unsure if your business needs high-traffic conductive floors, talk to the experts at StaticStop. We can talk you through our options and discuss if our products are right for you. Give us a call today at (877) 738-4537.