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What to Look for in Static Control Flooring

Static Control Flooring

Choosing an antistatic flooring isn’t exactly like picking out hardwood floors for your home, but many of the same concepts apply! SelecTech wants you to be happy with all of your industrial floor buying decisions and know what to look for when choosing your ESD floors.


Just as you would want an industrial floor to last you for years to come, you also want it to be able to do its job, which is to provide static control. ESD flooring is known to be relatively soft and can scratch easily, and it’s important to choose a floor that has sealant and restoration products.

Easy maintenance

Maintaining a flooring system is essential to preserving the life of the product. Cleaning and sealant supplies make preserving your floors easier and improve their performance. It’s also important to be able to replace sections of your flooring when unexpected damage happens. This can mean the difference between ripping up your whole floor, and replacing just a few individual tiles.

Installation timeframe

If your main concern for floor installation revolves around your high-moisture, problem subfloors, you must be sure to ask how long installation preparation will take. For example, working with an antistatic flooring like SelecTile ESD™ means you are working with a free-floating surface with a unique interlocking system. Our products require minimal preparation and downtime for installation.


There are two costs associated with buying flooring: the initial cost of the flooring and installation, and costs you will inccur down the road. There are always unexpected costs in any business, but you never want your newer antistatic floors to be one of them. Choose a product that is known for quality and will save you time and money in the long run.

Luckily SelecTech, offers fast, affordable, durable, and easy to maintain solutions for all of your flooring needs. With more questions about our flooring options, call us today at (508) 583-3200.