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facotry esd floor

The Ultimate Factory ESD Floor Has Arrived: PolyStyle

When considering a new factory ESD floor, consider the most innovative and functional product on the market – PolyStyle by SelecTech.

static dissipative flooring

The Ultimate Static Dissipative Flooring Has Arrived

SelecTech is excited to introduce the newest product line to the already impressive line of antistatic flooring solutions, PolyStyle ESD™.

access floors

Project Alert: PRIDE Industries Is Making The Change

Here is an inside look at one of 2020’s largest projects with PRIDE Industries.

access floor

Considering A New Access Floor? Tom Has Your Answers!

You have questions, Tom has your answers! Here is an inside look at what you need to know about access flooring.

esd floor products

ESD Floor Products: The Perfect Solution For Robotics

ESD floor products are the wave of the future in robitics, distribution, and warehouses – and SelecTech has the innovative solution you seek.

cleanroom flooring

What does ESD Flooring Mean?

When searching for cleanroom flooring or flooring for a commercial space, you might have come across the term ESD floor product and wondered, “What is ESD flooring?”. Though you might have an idea of what ESD flooring means, the team at SelecTech thought you might want to hear it from the experts. Considering we’ve been […]

static control floor mat

Best Practices for Cleaning Your Static Control Floor Mat

First, congratulations on your excellent choice to install Static Stop’s ESD flooring! As a leader in the industry, Static Stop provides innovative flooring solutions for industrial and commercial industries. From aerospace to hospitals, we have the static control floor mats your company needs to operate at maximum efficiency. However, installation is not the end of […]

static control floor mat

Need Static Control? Look No Further

If you happen to fall into an industry where highly controlled environments are crucial to equipment and worker safety, and proper machine functioning, an anti-static floor mat may be the solution you need. Because static control is imperative for several different industries, there have been several variations of flooring solutions created. Thus, making the right […]

cleanroom flooring

Cleanroom Flooring Solutions FAQ

When it comes to choosing cleanroom flooring, there are several features that should be on your must-have list.  A flooring solution that provides a static-free environment, sterile conditions, easy maintenance, and durability can prove to be ideal in controlled areas.  Here at Static Stop, we strive to provide our customers with the best and easiest […]

conductive tile flooring

No Downtime with Conductive Floor Tiles

Time is money.  A phrase we’ve all heard and know well, especially if we are in charge of an industrial environment.  Finding ways to keep production on task and flowing is one of the key responsibilities of managing this type of atmosphere.  However, life throws us curveballs when we least expect it.  For instance, consider […]