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Glue Down Conductive Vinyl Tile

Aerospace and National Defense programs are some of the world’s most prominent, and most rigid industries.  Governed by strict guidelines and standards, there is no room for error.  Thus, every detail of the business needs to be taken into consideration.  Whether you are choosing the highest performing pieces of equipment or the flooring for your […]

Importance of ESD and Ergonomics in Laboratories

Having a controlled environment is essential in laboratories for a variety of reasons. When testing, you want to make sure the outcome is the result of your test, and any other factors do not influence it. Additionally, electrostatic dissipation is essential when working with metals and electronics because even the smallest amount of additional energy […]

How Does Static Accumulate?

Electricity is everywhere, and it helps us accomplish lots of tasks. Did you know your brain communicates with your muscles using electrical signals? It’s also used in things like pacemakers and AEDs, as well as powering your home and conducting important scientific tests. But when is it not beneficial? Electrostatic energy can be harmful, and […]

Do You Need High Traffic ESD Floors?

Electrostatic Dissipative (ESD) floors are designed to discharge static charges from people and moving carts in an ESD Protected Area (EPA) to prevent damage to sensitive materials. High traffic areas where there is lots of commotion and people moving around can have a high potential generation of this potentially harmful energy, and it’s important to […]

Benefits of Static Control Floor Mats

Here at SelecTech, we specialize in flooring for industries and environments that have specific needs. For example, manufacturing and industrial flooring sometimes have to have static control. But you may not need control properties across the whole space. In this case, your organization could benefit from static control floor mats. Read on to learn if […]

Static Control Floor FAQ

When it comes to the static control floor, the professionals here at SelecTech know what we’re talking about. Our StaticStop ESD flooring is perfect in a variety of spaces, like industrial manufacturing spaces, warehouses, and anywhere that is sensitive to the effects of static. Do you need our flooring? Read on to find out! Why […]

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What Does It Mean to Be MAS Certified Green ESD Flooring?

As environmental concerns become more important, we work hard to ensure our products exceed standards when it comes to sustainability. We proudly boast a MAS Certified Green logo on all our products. Our flooring professionals are happy to help our clients on their journey towards being environmentally conscious. Our MAS Certified Green ESD flooring is […]

Product Highlight: Warehouse ESD Floors

The needs of warehouses can be severely underestimated if you’re not thorough. Think about it. A warehouse is where you keep your products, materials, and other essential machinery while you’re not using it. You want to keep it in pristine condition. Additionally, some items, like metals, can erode much more quickly if they aren’t in […]

Explosives Factory Flooring

Product Highlight: Industrial ESD Floor

In an industrial environment, climate control is vital for success. But when people think of “climate control” they typically only consider things like temperature and humidity. However, the amount of static electricity generated in the area can also impact the efficiency of your machinery, the reaction of your materials, and even the final product. At […]

Conductive Factory Floor FAQ

The needs of your factory will vary depending on many things. Areas such as what you’re producing, what materials you’re using, the type of equipment, and even the needs of your employees. In addition to things like climate control or special weight requirements, you may also need something to provide static control. If this is […]