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antistatic flooring

ESD vs. Antistatic Flooring: What’s the Difference?

Are ESD and antistatic flooring the same? These are the key differences between these two types of static-control flooring.

glue down esd flooring

ESD Flooring Best Practices: A Podcast with Tom

Have you seen the latest podcast with Tom? If not, check it out! We’re talking glue down flooring and ESD properties …

cleanroom flooring

The Cannabis Industry Takes Cleanroom Flooring to the Next Level

The growing cannabis industry has placed new demands on the deliverables of cleanroom flooring. SelecTech is checking the box. Here’s a look.

cleanroom flooring

Cleanroom Flooring: Your FAQs Answered

Got questions about clean room flooring? We have your answers (and a helpful video to go along with them)!

antistatic flooring

Tips on Maintaining AntiStatic Flooring

You’ve installed antistatic flooring from SelecTech, but now what? Here is your guide to maintaining and getting the most from your investment.

conductive flooring materials

Chemical Resistance Standards and Conductive Flooring Materials

Chemical resistance and strict testing methods are two elements that every laboratory deserve. Learn more in this article!

antistatic epoxy

PolyStyle ESD: The New AntiStatic Epoxy Wave of the Future.

The EV industry is taking off, and SelecTech is proud to be in the forefront of a new era in flooring solutions.

static dissipative flooring

Static Dissipative Flooring: Changing the Electric Car Industry

Are you an electric car manufacturer? Here are some reasons why you should consider SelecTech’s static dissipative flooring.

static control flooring

The AIA is Looking at Static Control Flooring from SelecTech

SelecTech is thrilled to announced its recent Preferred Source for Premium MasterSpec status with the AIA and static control flooring!

clean room flooring

Considering Lab or Clean Room Flooring? Ask These Questions

Picking a new floor is a big deal! Here are a few considerables to ensure your decision is the best one!