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clean room flooring

Top Concerns With Clean Room Flooring

Through research, we’ve complied and tackled the most common concerns involved with clean room flooring

static control floor mat

Benefits of Static Control Floor Mat Kits

If a portability, reliability, and affordability are must-have features, than you’ll want to consider our floor mat kits.

clean room flooring

Why Your Clean Room Flooring is Imperative

During this unprecedented time, the country continues to innovate solutions allowing us to keep up with the demands of the COVID-19 pandemic. From front line workers to medical supplies and equipment, the need is there. One of the most significant reliefs our hospitals have seen is the appearance of temporary popup healthcare facilities. Although temporary, […]

clean room flooring

How to Maintain Your Clean Room Flooring

Your clean room flooring is more than just a surface to walk on; it’s a vital aspect to the integrity of your environment. Now, more than ever, front line workers are in need of immediate solutions that provide benefits with little maintenance. With BioLock from SelecTech, you can have a flooring solution that exceeds your […]

anti static floor mat

How Long Will My Static Control Floor Mat Last?

If you’re considering investing in a static control floor mat for your work environment, there’s one common question. How long will the mat last? Static control flooring essentially has two lives. The first is the lifespan of the ESD properties, while the second is the life of the physical flooring materials. While neither consideration is […]

anti-static floor mat

3 Areas Benefiting From Anti-Static Epoxy Solutions

Every industry has its own set of requirements. Whether it’s particular equipment or specific materials, there is always some need to be met. Flooring is no exception. Here at SelecTec, we offer a variety of flooring solutions that will meet the needs of any industry. This article covers three areas that are benefiting from the […]

anti static floor mat

ESD vs an Anti-Static Floor Mat

At one point or another, you’ve probably felt the effect of static on carpeted surfaces. After shuffling your feet across a carpeted floor, you reach for the light switch or doorknob, and there it is. A nice friendly zap to wake you up. Although many of us are accustomed to this, eliminating the shock with […]

cleanroom flooring

What does ESD Flooring Mean?

When searching for cleanroom flooring or flooring for a commercial space, you might have come across the term ESD floor product and wondered, “What is ESD flooring?”. Though you might have an idea of what ESD flooring means, the team at SelecTech thought you might want to hear it from the experts. Considering we’ve been […]

static control floor mat

Best Practices for Cleaning Your Static Control Floor Mat

First, congratulations on your excellent choice to install Static Stop’s ESD flooring! As a leader in the industry, Static Stop provides innovative flooring solutions for industrial and commercial industries. From aerospace to hospitals, we have the static control floor mats your company needs to operate at maximum efficiency. However, installation is not the end of […]

static control floor mat

Need Static Control? Look No Further

If you happen to fall into an industry where highly controlled environments are crucial to equipment and worker safety, and proper machine functioning, an anti-static floor mat may be the solution you need. Because static control is imperative for several different industries, there have been several variations of flooring solutions created. Thus, making the right […]