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Product Highlight: Warehouse ESD Floors

The needs of warehouses can be severely underestimated if you’re not thorough. Think about it. A warehouse is where you keep your products, materials, and other essential machinery while you’re not using it. You want to keep it in pristine condition. Additionally, some items, like metals, can erode much more quickly if they aren’t in use. To maintain an ideal environment, consider  warehouse ESD floors from the StaticStop line of products created here at SelecTech.


What Are You Using Your Warehouse For?

Climate control for your warehouse varies dramatically depending on how you’re using the space. Are you holding product to be shipped out? Does it hold your data centers? Are you storing materials used to create products? Each of these uses come equipped with different temperature and humidity preferences. But, if you are storing materials that are sensitive to static electricity, such as electronic components or explosives, you should have an electrostatic dissipative (ESD) floor in your warehouse to ensure your products and space are safe from harm.


What Is Holding You Back?

We get it; change is scary. When it comes to your business, something like flooring can have a huge impact. Installing warehouse ESD floors in your space, however, is worth the effort. Also, the professionals here at SelecTech made our StaticStop product as easy to install as possible. We eliminated the need for hazardous solvents and adhesives, which minimizes the time your warehouse is out of commission for installation. All you need to do is lock each tile in place, and that’s it. Our interlocking tiles will stay in place no matter what you throw at it. From high volume traffic to heavy equipment, you can bet your tiles will remain in place.

No matter what your warehouse needs, we have a product for you. Our StaticStop line of warehouse ESD floors comes in a wide variety of styles, so there is sure to be one that fits the design of your space. For more information about Static Stop and our other products, please give us a call at 508-583-3200 to speak with a flooring professional.