Maintenance Products

Cost-Effectively Protect Your Investment and Extend the Life of Your ESD Floor

Your ESD flooring is not just any-old flooring product, but a functioning, technical component of your static-sensitive work environment. Using the wrong maintenance products on your floor can render it ineffective. Protect your investment by using StaticStop’s ESD maintenance products, designed specifically for ESD flooring.

DuraBuff ESD™ - Floor Restorer

Easily Restore Gloss AND ESD Properties with Routine Maintenance

This innovative spray buff is formulated as a companion product for DuraShield ESD.  An integral component of the conductive maintenance program, DuraBuff ESD™ is designed to extend the static dissipating qualities of DuraShield ESD™, as well as restore the gloss and enhance the appearance of conductive flooring surfaces. Its inherent static dissipating properties make DuraBuff ESD™ ideal for application in computer rooms, electronic assembly areas, telephone substations, and any other area where positive elimination of static electricity is a prime consideration. Incorporation of DuraBuff ESD™ into a static-control flooring maintenance program will extend the period of time between stripping and recoating procedures and result in saving labor and money.

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ProtectOHM ESD™ Floor Cleaner

Protect Your Flooring Investment with the Right Cleaning Product

When cleaning your ESD flooring, it is critical to leave no residue behind that will reduce its conductive performance. Conventional floor detergents were not designed for ESD flooring and can leave such residues to render an ESD floor ineffective. ProtectOHM ESD™ is a floor cleaner specifically designed as a low-residue detergent that will get your floor clean with minimal residue. Better still, ProtectOhm ESD™ has a built-in conductive additive that will combine with the conductive elements in your floor to enchance its performance. ProtectOhm ESD™ can be used on both ESD hard-surface as well as ESD carpet flooring products and is the one-stop solution to all of your ESD floor cleaning requirements.

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DuraShield ESD™ – ESD Floor Finish

Reduce Scuffing and Cleaning Requirements with This Extremely Durable ESD Finish

All homogenous vinyl, ESD floor tiles have a relatively soft make-up and can be scratched and scuffed if subjected to high-traffic and black shoe soles. In these demanding environments, sealing your ESD vinyl floor can help to reduce maintenance requirements and keep the floor looking better, longer. Standard floor finishes, however, can’t be used because they’ll mask the conductive properties of the ESD floor and render it ineffective. DuraShield ESD™ has a conductive additive that bonds with the ESD vinyl and works in conjunction with your ESD floor. So, it will not only enhance the maintenance of your floor, but will also protect its conductive properties.

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CleanStrip ESD™ – High Performance Floor Stripper

Restore ESD Properties of Old ESD Flooring

Residues from detergents, dirt, and floor finishes can quickly reduce the performance of any ESD Flooring. CleanStrip ESD™ is designed to effectively dissolve and remove these residues to keep your floor performing at its peak. It is formulated rom top quality water-miscible solvents and contains less than 1% solids at concentration, so it leaves no residue. Old build-up can be easily removed using CleanStrip ESD™ and an auto-scrubber, using a standard stripping pad.

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