Spray-Lock ESD™ Flooring Adhesive

New, First Canister-Spray Conductive Adhesive

This new adhesive is:

  • Easier to use, reducing installation time and cost
  • Withstands much higher moisture levels than other adhesives

When you have a static dissapitive flooring, you must use an adhesive system capable of enhancing static grounding. Spray-Lock®'s ESD adhesive is so advanced, it allows direct connection between the static dissapitive flooring and the grounding strips. By using 80% less adhesive, there is less adhesive to interfere with static charge. Spray-Lock® ESD adhesive provides major cost savings compared to traditional epoxy applications for high moisture and pH.

Materials Spray-Lock adhere:

  • ESD vinyl tile
  • ESD sheet vinyl
  • ESD carpet tile
  • Other ESD flooring materials

Suitable substrates:

  • Concrete
  • Underlayment grade plywood
  • Metal
  • Existing ESD vinyl tile
  • Raised access panels
  • Epoxy

High moisture & pH tolerance: Spray-Lock® ESD can withstand elevated moisture content of 7 lbs MVER / 85% RH with an 11 pH tolerance.

No sealers required: No sealers required for high moisture applications.