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Static Dissipative Tile Protects Your Sensitive Equipment

static dissipative tile

There are various fields in which electrostatic discharge, also referred to as ESD, is a concern. This concern is especially true when employees work within a static-sensitive environment. However, taking precautions to protect both the equipment and your employees provides peace of mind. Although static dissipative tile is one way to increase the safety of the work environment, there are several other modifications one should consider as well. Both large and small, our team has created this guide for your thoughts when searching for ESD solutions.


Dissipative clothing and gloves

Often, when one gets an inside glimpse of a sensitive work environment, employees wear protective gear. Static control garments, such as smocks, disposable coveralls, and more may be used to reduce the chance of static build-up. However, it’s imperative to educate your employees on proper use. Because as all items must be completely closed to work effectively in your workspace, proper wear is essential.

Further and conditional to the industry, gloves might be a necessity when operating or moving sensitive equipment. Similar to the benefits of ESD clothing, these gloves aren’t meant to be used in a specific way to prevent static.


Higher controlled environments

There are several measures one can take to increase the control in a sensitive environment. Often, in these sensitive environments, keeping the humidity high proves a best practice as it is less conducive to static charges. Keeping your workspace between 40-60% humidity is often suggested. However, there are also many other situations in which higher humidity levels wreak havoc.


Static dissipative tile

Just as you can only build on a steady foundation, conducting static-sensitive work should be completed on an industrial static dissipative tile. This is especially important if your employees must move around while they work, avoiding damaging static voltage. StaticStop has an easy to install, interlocking ESD flooring option that is great for several industries with static-sensitive work environments.


Creating an ESD workstation is an investment worth making as it can prevent destructive electrostatic problems. At StaticStop, we provide peace of mind for businesses looking for a reliable, smart solution to protect their work areas.

For more information on how SelecTech’s static dissipative tile can help protect your workspace, give us a call today at (877) 738-4537.