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Introducing the Only Industrial ESD Floor You’ll Ever Need.

industrial ESD floor

When it comes to finding the perfect industrial ESD floor for your company, the process can be a real challenge. With items like budgeting, downtimes, warehouse size, and more involved, every detail matters. Though you may feel like your options are limited, companies like SelecTech work hard to provide solutions to common problems within industrial applications.

Here, we take a closer look at the Static Stop line and why it is the ideal solution for any industrial environment requiring static control flooring.


Downtime means money lost.

With any business, uninterrupted daily operations mean superior productivity and livelihood. However, heavy machinery and other equipment often make such a task challenging in most industrial settings. This is especially true when changing the flooring.

However, with Static Stop, you have one of the most innovative flooring solutions on the market that require little to no downtime. This flooring can easily be installed in a fraction of the time. Requiring no preparation, adhesives, or requirements for problematic subflooring, this flooring is truly innovative. Further, the interlocking design allows for sectional installation around your production.


Highest quality standards.

At SelecTech, we are a team dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible products. Our industrial ESD flooring exceeds the requirements of ANSI/ESD S20.20-2014 for both electrical resistance (ASTM/ESD S97.1) and charge generation (ASTM/ESD S97.2), which makes meeting your guidelines easier.


Broken floor tiles? No problem.

In an industrial or manufacturing setting, it isn’t unusual for equipment, products, or human error to cause damage to the existing floors. The last thing any business owner wants is to replace their entire floor, especially not long after installation. Luckily, interlocking tiles allow you to replace the damaged tile without ripping up large sections of the floor.


access floor finishes

Concrete subfloors? Again, no problem!

Many warehouses have concrete subfloors, which often have moisture issues that pose a threat to equipment. Lucky for you, Static Stop contains built-in moisture barriers to eliminate any worries. Our interlocking tiles are the only product on the market with no disclaimers for high-moisture, irregular, or problem subfloors.


The best warranties in the industry.

Investing in your company is a big deal. At SelecTech, we understand your concerns which is why we back our products with a 10-year limited warranty.



When it comes to finding the perfect industrial ESD floor for your company, look no further than Static Stop! From the ultimate in sustainability to the best industry warranty available, we are confident that you will be happy you chose us! For more information, please contact SelecTech today at (508) 583-3200.