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Medical and Healthcare

The use of sophisticated electronics grows every day in medical and healthcare environments, and protecting this equipment is crucial. Doing so will ensure that the equipment delivers accurate information regarding a patient’s health. Areas that typically require static protection include:

  • Imaging Suites/MRI
  • X-ray
  • Computed tomography
  • Telecommunications/Server Rooms/Data Storage

Since these environments are not controlled ESD Protected Areas (EPA), there are generally no guidelines or standards to follow when choosing an ESD floor. Additionally, the physical requirements of the flooring with regard to durability and maintainability are not the same as you’d find in an electronics manufacturing facility.  

The materials used in healthcare facility design can greatly influence both the patients and staff. Investing in proper flooring can improve patient care, enhance medical procedures, and reduce medical errors and waste. Moreover, research has shown that a healthcare facility with a healthy indoor environmental quality results in faster healing, shorter hospital stays, and fewer return visits.

StaticStop has the experience and the products to provide the best solution for these types of environments.

StaticStop products frequently used in these environments include:

FreeStyle ESD Interlocking

FreeStyle CVT Glue-Down

Conductive vinyl is the most often used material in these settings because it provides a surface that maintains well and has an attractive finish. Interlocking versions are easy to install, with minimal disruption to operations. This saves time and money, and reduces inconvenience to patients and staff.
LowVolt Rubber Rubber flooring is popular in healthcare settings due to its softer foot-feel and wide range of textures and colors. It provides a safe and cushioned surface, and is naturally resistant to damage from gouges and scuffs.
OhmStyle ESD Carpet OhmStyle ESD carpet provides superior aesthetics, comfort, and sound absorption while delivering highly effective control of static build-up. For healthcare, this is a great choice: it has the design and comfort that you’d expect in medical offices, while providing high-level ESD protection.