Customer Profiles

Read the success stories of customers using our ESD flooring products

Oxygen Electronics

Oxygen Electronics had a receiving area that needed static-control flooring and needed it in a hurry. With an old, irregular subfloor, installing glue-down ESD flooring would have required costly and time-consuming preparation of the subfloor and may not have given  them a floor that could hold up to the demands of their operations. With FreeStyle ESD, they were able to make the conversion to an ESD floor in just one weekend.  

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Crestron Electronics

Crestron, a leading manufacturer of audio systems and control systems needed to upgrade and replace ESD flooring in 45,000 square feet of manufacturing space. Conventional glue-down products were disruptive and time-consuming and Crestron could not afford to shut down to do the upgrades. FreeStyle ESD™ was the solution. Crestron did the installations over weekends, installing 6,000 square feet at a time directly over the existing floor and without removing equipment.  After each installation phase production resumed on the following Monday without a hitch. Crestron’s state of the art FreeStyle ESD flooring meets all audit requirements and saves time and money.

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