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Access Floors: Form Meets Function

access floors

Last month, SelecTech and StaticStop were excited to tell you about our new no-vinyl solution for access floors and other workspaces, FreeStyle Choice. And while we know the performance characteristics are impressive, in this post, we want to highlight a less tangible benefit: color choices.


There are many benefits to having an aesthetically pleasing work environment. Here are just a few.


Increase Productivity

Working in an aesthetically pleasing environment can have a number of benefits for employees. One of the main benefits is that it can improve overall mood and productivity. Studies have shown that people who work in environments that are visually pleasing tend to be more motivated, engaged, and productive than those who work in environments that are unappealing. Selecting colors for your access floors that enhance your space visually can change how your employees feel about their work environment.


Reduce Stress

Another benefit of an aesthetically pleasing work environment is that it can reduce stress and improve overall well-being. Colors that complement the design and lighting of the workspace reduce distractions and create a sense of calm, which can help employees to feel more relaxed and focused. Additionally, if you can incorporate natural elements such as plants and natural light into the design of a work environment, that can have a positive impact on mental health and stress levels.


Improve Communication

An aesthetically pleasing environment can also help to improve collaboration and communication within a team. A well-designed space can create a sense of community and encourage employees to interact and work together more effectively.

Additionally, an aesthetically pleasing environment can also have a positive impact on the overall image and reputation of a company. A well-designed and well-maintained office can create a positive first impression for new employees and visitors, which can help to enhance the company’s reputation and boost morale among employees.


access floors

Access Floors by StaticStop and SelecTech

Working in a good-looking environment can change the way your employees feel about their jobs and their day-to-day routine. With all the color choices available to you with StaticStop products by SelecTech, you no longer have to worry about sacrificing form for function when it comes to your access floors.


Contact our team at 508-583-3200 for more information about our products for access floors, lab and cleanroom flooring, and more.