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Ground Floor™ Glue-Down Vinyl

GroundFloor™ CVT glue-down ESD vinyl provides lasting ESD protection with lifetime electrical properties.

Ground Floor™ CVT is a low-cost, reliable, and attractive alternative for your static-protection needs. This direct glue-down option is a perfect alternative to our FreeStyle ESD™ Interlocking floor when installing in open spaces, where downtime isn’t a concern and where subfloors are ready to accept glue-down flooring.

They come in a variety of colors and formulations to suit your specific needs for ESD protection, physical performance, and aesthetics.

For areas that do have subfloor problems, such as high moisture, or where downtime will be overly disruptive to your operations, our FreeStyle ESD™ and SelecTile ESD™ interlocking tiles are a great alternative.

GroundFloorTM glue-down vinyl flooring complies with the requirements of ESD S20.20.


Available in 3 Styles:

Ground Floor™ CVT

Ground Floor™ CVT is a homogenous vinyl with conductive veins that run throughout the product, providing permanent and reliable conductivity that is guaranteed for the life of the product. Available in four standard colors, it will provide attractive, long-lasting static-protection for your work environment.

It is available in 2 mm or 3 mm thick tiles that measure either 18.5" x 18.5" or 24" x 24".

Available Colors

Off White



Steel Blue

Ground Floor™ PLUS

Our Ground Floor™ PLUS comes with a conductive Polyurethane / ceramic finish for exceptionally easy maintenance.

It is available in either 2 mm or 3 mm thick tiles that measure 18.5" x 18.5".

Available Colors





Ground Floor™ Designer Series

Ground Floor™ Designer Series has a more uniform look without any black speckles.

This not only allows our floor coverings to provide ESD protection, but to also aesthetically blend with any work environment, yielding balance and symmetry.

The product is available in 2.3 m long rolls, and has heat-weldable seams for areas that require a seamless finish.  

Ground Floor™ Designer Series comes in static dissipative ESD range.


Available Colors

Coastal Fog 2

Night Sky 2

Quarry Sand


Summer Sky 2


EPA (ESD Protected Area) Tile

Designate your ESD Protected Area with our ESD EPA logo tile.  The image of this tile is built into the entire finished surface of the tile, so it won’t peel off and will last the life of the tile. Our EPA tiles are 2 mm thick, and measure 18.5" x 18.5".

Comparison of GroundFloorTM Options