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Spray-Lock ESD™ Flooring Adhesive

New, First Canister-Spray Conductive Adhesive

Easy and Effective

Spray-Lock® ESD adhesive provides major cost and time savings, and withstands much higher moisture levels compared to traditional epoxy applications for high moisture and pH. It allows direct connection between the static dissipative flooring and the grounding strips. By using 80% less adhesive, there is less adhesive to interfere with static charge.

Materials Spray-Lock Adhere: 

  • ESD vinyl tile
  • ESD sheet vinyl
  • ESD carpet tile
  • Other ESD flooring materials

Suitable substrates: 

  • Concrete
  • Underlayment grade plywood
  • Metal
  • Existing ESD vinyl tile
  • Raised access panels
  • Epoxy