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SelecTile ESD™ Interlock Flooring

Interlocking Conductive and Dissipative Flooring

*Now available in black and gray to suit your factory needs*

Our Interlocking tiles are the only ESD products available that have NO DISCLAIMERS for high-moisture, irregular, and problem subfloors.

SelecTile ESD™ is The Most Durable, Resilient, and Portable ESD Flooring Product Available
SelecTile ESD™ flooring is a free-floating surface with a unique interlocking tab system. Our static-control flooring products install quickly and easily without the need for adhesives, copper strips, underlayments or padding. Our static-control systems were uniquely engineered to meet the demanding needs of industrial environments that require the highest level of electrostatic discharge protection, and still withstand industrial environments, including fork truck traffic. We offer a truly robust system that is completely scalable to any specification or intricate layout.

SelecTile ESD™ is made with a minimum of 20% recycled materials, and is the only ESD conductive flooring of its kind that can contribute to LEED™ Credits. One of our most prominent goals is to achieve a higher level of social responsibility within our industry, and in doing so, we hope to influence other organizations that depend on our products, to attain a more developed sense of environmental awareness. Our LEED™ brochure gives more details on how our products contribute to LEED™.

Optional Interlocking Edges Provide a Finished Edge for Custom Floor Mat Configurations. This not only allows our conductive floor coverings to achieve an unprecedented level of complete ESD protection, but to also aesthetically blend with any work environment, yielding balance and symmetry.


SelecTile ESD™ Creates a Durable, Modular Production Cell


SelecTile ESD™ Transition and Corner Pieces  

IMG 0805


Tiles measure 23-3/4" x 23-3/4"

Available in Flat and Coin Textures; Black and Gray Colors