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LowVolt Rubber ESD Flooring

LowVolt Rubber Provides a high level of protection against the damage of electro-static build up and electric-static discharge (ESD) in environments where the attention to this problem is of primary importance.

Recommended For:

  • Electronic manufacturing plants
  • Test labs
  • Data processing areas
  • Control rooms
  • Communication centers
  • Electronic diagnostic units in hospitals
  • Sound absorbent
  • Slip resistant


  • Complies with ESD 20.20
  • Lifetime dissipation warranty
  • Very resilient for anti-fatigue
  • Easy to maintain (conductive wax not necessary)
  • Very high abrasion resistance
  • Resistant to oils, grease, and chemicals

Limited 10-Year Warranty

LowVolt Rubber is manufactured to provide a durable and long-lasting floor covering under a range of temperature and exposure conditions and is backed by a 10-Year limited warranty against wear. Ask your Low Volt Rubber dealer for more details on this Limited 10-Year Warranty.


The subfloor must be flat level, smooth, rigid, indeformable, thoroughly dry as well as damp-proof and must offer good support. It must be clean and free of any foreign material. These subfloor characteristics must be permanent. Before installing the products, the subfloor must be checked to detect moisture using an adequate moisture test. Installation must be carried out by skilled labor. To assure color uniformity, all tiles and rolls should have the same batch number as indicated on the packaging. Always dry lay the tiles and rolls prior to cutting and adhering them to detect for any defect in the product and/or in the installation. Always use Portland cement based patching/leveling compounds (never use gypsum based compounds). Remove any dirt and/or foreign material from subfloor which may reduce the adhesion. Our adhesives or other approved adhesives should be used for the installation. Rubber flooring and subfloor must have the same temperature, never below 15° C. Light foot traffic is allowed 24 hours after installation. Do not perform any cleaning on the floor within the first 24 hours of installation. Spills of adhesive must be removed immediately, prior to the curing of adhesive.

Regular Maintenance

LowVolt Rubber is easy to clean and maintain. The flooring can be cleaned with standard neutral cleansers or other acceptable cleansers by hand using a mop or sponge. A power scrubber or buffer can also be used to clean particularly tough stains and soiling. As for any other floor covering, for longevity, good appearance, and easy maintenance, rubber flooring should be cleaned and maintained periodically. The frequency with which the maintenance operations should be carried out depends on the amount of traffic. Please refer to our Technical Manual for specific information.