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The Benefit of an Epoxy Finish

If you want your flooring to stand up to robust use and still look great after years, then you should consider an epoxy floor finish. This unique finish provides durability and static protection for your floors, and your floors won’t show signs of use.
What is an epoxy?
Epoxy s an adhesive substance that hardens when exposed to a chemical reaction. The reaction can be anything from an ultraviolet light to waiting for the epoxy to dry. It can be used to bond two materials or seal a material such as flooring from any dirt or debris.
Benefits of epoxy sealing
Epoxy is simple to use—you can use standard rollers to apply it to flooring.
Epoxy is a low-cost finish that provides static protection.
Epoxy is resistant to chemicals and abrasions, meaning it will last for years without any visible wear.
Epoxy is extremely tough and durable for high amounts of traffic.
Applying epoxy floor sealing
When you’re applying EpoxyStyle ESD flooring, it’s as simple as painting the floor. Use two to three coats of epoxy for maximum protection to the floor and a smooth finish, and the floor will be ready for light traffic in twelve hours. Each gallon of EpoxyStyle ESD will cover 400 to 600 square feet, meaning that you don’t have to buy a ridiculous amount to cover your workspace.
EpoxyStyle ESD is your best choice
If you need your epoxy-sealed floor to provide ESD protection, then you need EpoxyStyle ESD. This flooring is recommended for high-traffic and high-risk areas for electronics manufacturing, shipping, server rooms, labs, and more. It’s also available in a variety of colors, so you’ll be able to make sure your floors look good as well as function as needed.
Contact StaticStop today for more information on getting EpoxyStyle ESD for your flooring. We also have other ESD options that will make sure your workspace is safe, functional, and looks great. Call us now!