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Benefits of ESD Mat Kits

StaticStop works every day to make anti-static flooring more attainable for businesses across the United States. Our experts understand the need for flooring of this kind in our technology-driven era, and we provide many solutions that are accessible, such as ESD mat kits. These small areas of flooring have many benefits, but here are just some of the most important:


Much like our other interlocking flooring tiles, our ESD mat kits are installed the same way and can be easily removed and transported to a new location. These kits are ideal for facilities that often switch up the location of their ESD-sensitive work, or are perfect for businesses that are considering a new operating location in the near future.


ESD carpet tile and other ESD flooring can be an investment not every business can make, and ESD mat kits offer a great alternative at a fraction of the price. Fortunately, companies like StaticStop understand that quality of the product does not have to decrease with size, and for that, our mat kits are the perfect solution.


Not every mat kit is created equal, but when you choose StaticStop, you are choosing superior products. Our SelecTile ESD Mat Kits are designed just like our other interlocking ESD flooring products. There is no need for underlayment or other materials, all you need is space to place your mat kit. We have a handful of kit sizes to choose from which all provide the same level of results.

Since 1994, StaticStop has been working towards more sustainable flooring options that comply with the needs of those in the ESD-industry. Our company has been recognized by environmental, recycling, and ESD organizations around the world for our innovative technology that has produced more environmentally friendly quality ESD flooring products.

With more questions about our mats, please contact us today by calling (508) 583-3200.