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Chemical Resistance Standards and Conductive Flooring Materials

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Unbeknownst, or misunderstood, is the fact that there is currently no standard test across flooring types when chemical resistance is concerned. However, with the proactive involvement of SEFA, this may soon change. As a leader in conductive flooring materials, SelecTech has remained at the forefront of the flooring industry. With Thomas Ricciardelli not only leading the company to new heights, he also plays an imperative role in SEFA and industry advances as a whole. Here, we delve a bit deeper into SEFA and the changes ahead for the industry.


What is SEFA?

The essential purpose of SEFA, or the Scientific Equipment and Furniture Association, is to promote the use of laboratory grade equipment. The organization’s mission is to become the leader in creating laboratory solutions that combine organizational, technological, and environmental systems that respond creatively to strategic business issues. In recognition of growing concerns regarding the environment, the following resolution was unanimously adopted by SEFA Members in November of 2001:


  • SEFA supports rational practices to encourage sustainable solutions in the design, construction, renovation and operation of laboratories.
  • Recognizes that there are many different methods that help promote sustainable solutions.
  • Will continue to educate its members and their customers regarding sustainable solutions and developments.


SEFA Testing 

Regardless of the setting, it’s important that flooring be able to withstand chemical spills. However, when it comes to the laboratory environment, it is essential that solutions be held to specific standards. While the FDS has requirements for flooring used in certain environments, there are no such guidelines for laboratories.


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Currently, SelecTech is taking initiatives to work with SEFA in testing several types of flooring using the SEFA test method. However, the method of testing is one used by no other at this time. Actively being written into the flooring standard, SEFA testing is a direct testing method. This advanced way of testing is precise, and holds standards to new levels across the flooring industry. Be sure to check out the above link to view the SEFA YouTube testing video.


In a lab setting, maintaining the strictest levels of cleanliness and protective measures is imperative. With conductive flooring materials from SelecTech, you can have peace of mind that your laboratory is fully protected. For more information on the vast, innovative solutions provided by the Static Stop brand please contact SelecTech at 508-583-3200.