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Conductive Factory Floor FAQ

The needs of your factory will vary depending on many things. Areas such as what you’re producing, what materials you’re using, the type of equipment, and even the needs of your employees. In addition to things like climate control or special weight requirements, you may also need something to provide static control. If this is the case, consider StaticStop, a division of SelecTech, Inc – products designed by professionals to provide a conductive factory floor.


What Is A Conductive Factory Floor?

A conductive flooring, also called ESD (electrostatic dissipative) flooring, is designed using materials to remove static electricity created in your environment. Even your employees create static eletricity just by your employees walking around. Regardless of its origin, static electricity can wreak havoc on your production if you’re not careful.


What Materials Are You Using?

To determine if you need a conductive floor, think about what materials you’re handling. For example, sensitive circuits, data storage devices, or even explosives  should only be handled if a static control program is in place. Installing an ESD floor is part of this program. Static charges to these materials could have a drastic impact on your final product, or even create a dangerous situation (in the case of explosives).


Will Installation Delay Production?

Flooring professionals design our StaticStop products for quick installation, so you don’t have to halt production for long. We created our interlocking tile to be fast and easy, and we don’t use hazardous solvents and adhesives. Not using adhesives or solvents eliminates drying time, dramatically reducing the overall time it takes to install our product. The tile system also minimizes stoppage to repair damaged tiles – you only have to remove and replace the broken tile.

At SelecTech, our knowledgeable staff will provide you with a safe and controlled environment for a variety of factory requirements. For more information about  factory conductive floors, please call 508-583-3200 to learn more about StaticStop.