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Data Centers and ESD Flooring

It’s no secret that data centers and network offices are often searching for the best ESD-rated flooring options around, but what sets StaticStop apart from our competitors? To begin, our patented interlocking tile system is one-of-a-kind. There are many benefits of using our floors in your business space, and we can think of three reasons our FreeStyle ESD™ tiles could be the right choice for you.


Regardless of the industry or purpose of the data center, the need for static control is often imperative to professionals to be able to work effectively and safely. With our ever-changing technology, IT components can become more easily damaged by ESD, even in the smallest amounts. Protecting data and hardware from the impact of ESD can prevent the loss of critical information.


Uprooting an entire data center for ESD flooring installation can be complicated and raises the chances of equipment being damaged. By using interlocking ESD flooring from StaticStop, your business will be back to work quickly and avoid some of the risks associated with relocating or moving around your already sensitive equipment.


Depending on the data center, equipment and employees will be around and in the vicinity frequently. You’ll want a flooring that can not only withstand the high foot traffic, but can also be easily fixed if damage occurs. Interlocking flooring provides the durability and the accessibility to replace damaged tiles without pulling up the entire floor.

Whether you’re in need of interlocking ESD floors for your static sensitive space or are searching for a great flooring alternative for your basement, our FreeStyle ESD™ tiles are an investment worth making for their durability, moisture barrier, look, and comfortability. With more questions about our products, call our experts today at (508) 583-3200.