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What Else Can ESD Carpet Tile Offer Your Space?

ESD carpet is the perfect option for those working in static sensitive environments, but choosing a flooring that can provide more than one benefit is an ideal investment for any business owner. StaticStop designs our flooring to help our clients achieve more in their spaces, and our OhmStyle carpet tiles can do just that.

Additional sound protection

OhmStyle carpet tiles act as a sponge to absorb static electricity, and can also help with sound, as well. Our unique backing system provides an underlayment layer that can improve the acoustics of your workspace.

Comfortable underfoot feel

That same built-in underlayment that is found in our tiles is ideal for workspaces where employees are on their feet throughout the day. These tiles have a little give, which can help with fatigue and improve productivity.

LEED points

As a company that initially began in 1993 with the mission to create valuable products out of scrap plastics, our team works to ensure we can provide just that. Much like other StaticStop products, OhmStyle flooring is made with recycled materials, is Certified CRI Green Label Plus, and can contribute to LEED points. If environmental concerns are essential for you, we have the flooring you need.


Not only are our ESD floor products designed for sensitive environments, but they can also be easily installed over problem subfloors without needs of barriers or underlayments. With minimal prep necessary and our conductive adhesive, our flooring will cut down your install time and get you back to your regular work scheduled in no time.

Creating environmentally friendly, high-performance ESD products is StaticStop’s top priority. We can provide you with the flooring solutions your business needs without the preparation and costly changes attached to it. Just ask us about installation, you will never want to work with another flooring again.

With more questions about our static control flooring, please contact our experts today by calling (508) 583-3200.