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ESD Floor Products Are Now in New Colors!

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Until now, we had to sacrifice aesthetics in favor of functionality for our SelecTile ESD™ Interlock Flooring. But not anymore. StaticStop and SelecTech are happy to announce that SelecTile is now available in six colors! Now you can get the ESD floor products that your industry needs without having to forgo working in an attractive space. All our new colors perform at the same level that you have come to expect from StaticStop and SelecTech’s ESD floor products.


Here’s why StaticStop’s ESD floor products are the preferred choice for specialized manufacturing environments.



First and foremost, SelecTile ESD™ flooring is a static-control system that works. Because of its unique interlocking tab system, SelecTile installs quickly and easily, with no need for underlayments, padding, copper strips, or adhesives. And no matter how demanding your industrial environment is, SelecTile can keep up—even with forklift traffic. The interlocking tab system also allows for customizable configurations, achieving an unprecedented level of complete ESD protection.


Cost Effective

All industries are feeling the effects of inflation, so selecting cost-effective ESD floor products is more important than ever before. At SelecTech, we want to give our customers affordable choices that allow them to pay less without having to sacrifice functionality. Our products are made in the USA and boast best-in-class ESD functionality, so you know you are getting the best value for your money.



Environmental responsibility is a value that all types of industries are embracing, and SelecTech is dedicated to setting an example for our industry. Our black and gray SelecTile products are made from 96% recycled material, and we take back tiles in all colors for recycling. If you ever have to replace or remove all or part of your ESD flooring, you don’t have to worry about creating waste. In addition to their sustainability, our products are also LEED™ certified for indoor air quality.


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ESD Floor Products from StaticStop

StaticStop and SelecTech are proud to provide our customers with sustainable and affordable ESD floor products. And now that we can offer SelecTile ESD™ flooring in six colors we are excited to bring the highest level of electrostatic discharge protection to more customers and industries than ever before.


To learn more about SelecTile and our other flooring solutions, contact us at 508-583-3200