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ESD vs. Antistatic Flooring: What’s the Difference?

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When it comes to flooring solutions that deal with static buildup, you have two primary options: electrostatic discharge (ESD) and antistatic flooring. Both of these flooring options are solutions to static buildup, but how do they do it, and are they different? When choosing a flooring solution, it’s important to know your options and your particular industry’s needs.

We’re going to lay out the differences between ESD and antistatic flooring.


Do ESD and antistatic flooring do the same thing?

The buildup of static electricity occurs when non-conductive objects rub against each other. This can cause serious problems in many industries. Both types of flooring are designed to prevent static electricity from building up as people walk across the floor. The primary difference is how they do that. Antistatic flooring has a chemical coating that dissipates static across the floor so that it can never build up enough charge to create an electric shock. ESD flooring is made of grounded tiles that conduct electricity through them and into the ground.


Why choose one over the other?

Choosing antistatic or ESD flooring comes down to the needs of the working environment. In some workplaces and industries, static buildup can be dangerous, while in others it is merely an inconvenience.


If static electricity is not a fundamental risk to your process or working environment, antistatic floors can be sufficient. The floor won’t generate static, but it can’t completely eliminate it or dissipate static that has built up in your body. For a higher level of protection against static electricity, you need ESD flooring.


ESD flooring is the best choice for industries or workplaces that handle items or use equipment susceptible to electrostatic discharge. Additionally, any environment that uses combustible materials should use ESD over antistatic flooring. Outside of industries that deal with these materials, many general working environments are also making the switch to ESD flooring because of the number of electronic devices that are present.


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StaticStop ESD and Antistatic Flooring from SelecTech

Not all ESD and antistatic flooring options are the same. It’s essential to choose the flooring that will best serve the needs of your industry and keep your working environments safe. StaticStop by SelecTech has a range of flooring products that are suitable for multiple industries.


For more information about SelecTech and StaticStop flooring, contact our team at (508) 583-3200.