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Tips on Maintaining AntiStatic Flooring

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If you have recently installed antistatic flooring from Static Stop, you probably took note of how quickly the product installed. With that, it may initially seem like everyday flooring. However, cleaning your new flooring from SelecTech cannot be completed with just any all-purpose cleaner and mop. Your floors are now more than a surface to walk on. They are a vital aspect of managing your static-sensitive work environment. Thus, cleaning and maintaining with the wrong products can impact the effectiveness of your static control capabilities.

Here, the experts from SelecTech provide you with a closer look on properly maintaining your antistatic flooring.

To begin, it is important to note that many static control floor options are much easier to maintain if treated with an ESD finish. Materials like vinyl, which are soft, can be easily scratched by heavy equipment and scuffed by black-sole shoes. Starting your floor maintenance routine with an ESD finish created for these specific floors means helping your static control properties last longer. There are also products, like StaticStop’s DuraGuard and DuraGlass ESD™, that exist to help reduce cleaning requirements and restore the appearances of conductive flooring surfaces.

Now that you have the right products, what comes next?

Now that you have learned the best ways to preserve and restore your floors, the next step is learning how to clean them. The best way to maintain your static control properties is to keep your antistatic floors clean of dirt, debris, and residue. All of these elements will impact the properties of the flooring. With this in mind, it is important to note that many common cleaning products leave behind residue. Such residue can also impact the floor’s integrity. 

When cleaning your conductive flooring, It is important to work with a low-residue detergent, which will clean your floors impeccably and leave little behind.  Better still, an ESD floor detergent has conductive materials that will actually enhance the static performance of the flooring. It is a win win situation when you select the proper cleaning solution.


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With several products on the market, how does one know which is the best suited for their needs? Often, it comes down to more than the product but also the team it is back by. At SelecTech, our team brings many years of individual industry experience to the table. This experience ensures our products push the limits and drive new standards in flooring. We understand the start to finish in manufacturing, installation, care and replacement. As innovators in the antistatic flooring industry, you can have peace of mind. When you chose SelecTech, you are in the best, most experienced and dedicated hands.

With questions about the extensive line of conductive flooring products, or how to maintain your static control floors, contact us today at (877) 738-4537.