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Importance of ESD and Ergonomics in Laboratories

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Having a controlled environment is essential in laboratories for a variety of reasons. When testing, you want to make sure the outcome is the result of your test, and any other factors do not influence it. Additionally, electrostatic dissipation is essential when working with metals and electronics because even the smallest amount of additional energy can damage the material. Choosing a flooring for laboratories that contributes to controlling the environment is of utmost importance, but what about your employee’s comfort?

Ergonomics Matter for Employees

Without ESD flooring and materials, it’s possible that merely moving around your laboratory is enough to damage your conductive materials. But if your tile is uncomfortable, it can cause long-term damage to your organization and your employees.

Lab technicians can be on their feet a good part of the day, they need to be comfortable? Flooring that is too hard or too soft can cause leg pain and fatigue, slowly impacting the productivity of your employees. Our StaticStop flooring has been proven to be more comfortable than our competitors. You’ll never have to sacrifice ESD capabilities for comfort.

Electrostatic Dissipative Properties Matter for Production

Whether you’re trying to build the newest computing technology or studying the effects of different metal interactions, it’s essential to maintain a controlled environment. Things like temperature, humidity, and electrostatic presence can all influence the results of your testing. Further, this charge can cause irreversible damage.

When deciding on flooring for laboratories, it’s easy to get caught up in what’s best for your organization. But don’t forget about your employees! Keeping those who work in your lab happy and healthy can better your organization in the long run.

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