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Key Characteristics of Server Room Flooring

server room flooring

As more and more businesses and industries become reliant on computers and the internet, server rooms have an increasingly important role. As with many spaces that house specialized equipment, server rooms need flooring with particular characteristics to protect the equipment and ensure it performs properly. For flooring solutions that meet your needs—no matter how specialized—you need StaticStop by SelecTech. You can’t afford to cut corners on your server room flooring, and SelecTech makes sure that you don’t have to.


In this article, we’re looking at the key characteristics of server room flooring.


Static Control

Naturally, this is where we should begin. Servers are highly-sensitive electronics, and static electricity can severely damage them. To prevent this type of damage, the floors of a server room should be designed to prevent the buildup of static charges. Antistatic materials, such as conductive tiles or carpeting, are often the solution to static buildup.


Fire and Moisture Resistance

Servers can run pretty hot, and fire is a real risk in server rooms. Server rooms typically have fire suppression systems, but fire-resistant flooring helps to prevent a fire from spreading. Floors in a server room also need to be moisture-resistant and prevent water or other liquids from penetrating the surface. Vinyl or epoxy tiles are common materials that create a sealed surface resistant to spills and leaks.


Raised and Level Flooring

Server rooms have cables and other infrastructure beneath the floor. For easy access, most server rooms have raised floors. The height will vary depending on the needs of the particular room and what’s under the floor. Because the floor is raised, extra care needs to be taken to ensure that it can support the weight of equipment and that it is a level surface. If a server rack falls over, it can damage the racks around it and anyone working in the room.


antistatic flooring

Server Room Flooring | StaticStop by SelecTech

When dealing with delicate and important equipment like server racks, it needs to be housed in just the right environment. Therefore, everything from the climate control system to the flooring needs to support the protection and operation of the server racks.


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