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Myths About Static Control Flooring

Static Control Flooring

SelecTech creates a number of unique ESD flooring options, and being in the business for as long as we have means we’ve heard every rumor about ESD flooring. We love to teach our customers about our flooring, and one way we start is by debunking these myths we come across all too often!

Static control flooring will get rid of static completely

We wish we were the miracle workers that could accomplish this, but there is no way to truly get rid of all static. Industrial static control flooring works to minimize ESD as much as possible, but doesn’t make static simply disappear.

You only need ESD flooring during the winter

Though the air is drier during these months, static build-up occurs all year long. Think about bouncing on a trampoline in the summer, and the static you can feel building up. You will never be able to rid yourself of static, even in warmer weather.

If I take off my shoes, I won’t create ESD

Though you build up static much slower in this way, you will still generate static electricity. Although you might not be able to feel the typical static shock you get when you walk across a carpet and touch a doorknob, what you can’t feel can still be dangerous to your equipment.

You must touch something to cause static damage

We create a lot of static just by simple movements, and it doesn’t take much to build it up. We can even generate static fields around our bodies that can damage equipment without any physical contact. This makes it imperative to have an ESD flooring system to prevent destruction of expensive electronics.

Smaller businesses can’t afford industrial ESD floors

SelecTech creates a quality, affordable product to protect your expensive equipment. Choosing to invest in ESD flooring not only saves your business from possible electronics complications, it will last for years to come.

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