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The Ultimate Factory ESD Floor Has Arrived: PolyStyle

facotry esd floor


When considering a new factory ESD floor, the choices can be overwhelming. Yet, one of the primary forerunners remains epoxy. However, with advanced technologies, flooring requirements also call for the need for a more innovative solution. So, the engineers of SelecTech have answered the need with the newest, most innovative product on the market, PolyStyle.


Simplicity meets superior functionality with minimal to no disruption to your daily production.




Consistent Static Control Properties

If you’ve ever coated a factory floor with epoxy, you are probably already aware of the potential struggle of obtaining consistent static control. All too often, the conductive additives of epoxy sink to the bottom of the application upon curing. Thus, your new flooring surface is not as effective as you hoped for.

This situation becomes a concern in environments that require static control measures. For instance, many factories operate sensitive machinery that requires additional precautions for optimal functioning. Without adequate measures in place, static (for example) can interrupt, if not take down, an operation completely. Stopped production, potential costly repairs, and a high chance of missing customer deadlines are all undesirable but avoidable outcomes when you have the right solution in place.


PolyStyle Factory ESD Floor<