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Product Highlight: Industrial ESD Floor

industrial esd flooring

In an industrial environment, climate control is vital for success. But when people think of “climate control” they typically only consider things like temperature and humidity. However, the amount of static electricity generated in the area can also impact the efficiency of your machinery, the reaction of your materials, and even the final product. At SelecTech, we understand the varying needs of the industrial world and work to provide an industrial ESD floor that’s right for you.


What Is An Industrial Floor?

The world “industrial” in itself is an extremely vague term. It can apply to a variety of businesses, anything from hospitals and laboratories to car and aerospace manufacturing. In this context, our industrial ESD floor is characterized by its durability and flexibility. The materials are high quality and can withstand heavy traffic and machinery. Additionally, it can hold its own against a variety of chemical spills.


What Is An ESD Floor?

When designing an ESD – or electrostatic dissipative – floor, experts use conductive materials. The floor uses these materials to discharge static electricity created by people in the environment to the ground. This then prevents these charges from being discharged into sensitive products and helps prevent damage. For example, when building electronic control systems for an airplane, workers use sensitive electronic components. If subjected to a static discharge, these components may become damaged. Therefore, installing an ESD floor in your industrial space can eliminate the static electricity in your work environment, ensuring all your products and materials maintain their best qualities.


When purchasing an industrial ESD floor, you want to consider not only the quality of the product but also the impact of installation. At SelecTech, we understand how busy you are and the problematic logistics of halting production for installation. Our interlocking tile system minimizes this problem by eliminating the need for adhesives. You only need to lock each tile in place with its surrounding tiles, which means no drying time!

For more information about our Static Stop line of interlocking flooring systems, please call 508-583-3200.