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Static Dissipative Flooring You Can Feel Good About

static dissipative flooring

Often, when searching for static dissipative flooring, there is one thing in mind. That one thing is protecting sensitive equipment or elements within your work environment. However, at SelecTech, we take things to the next level by providing products that exceed sustainability standards. Thus, you have a solution that provides an immediate solution and that you can feel good about investing in!

Here is a closer look.


What is MAS-certified green flooring?

MAS (Material Analytics Services) created its Certified Green Leaf trademark to provide consumers with an easy way to identify products that are better for you and the planet. Products with the green leaf logo significantly reduce VOC (volatile organic compounds) in the air. If you’re not familiar with VOCs, the short version is that they have been proven to cause several respiratory concerns.

The MAS Certified Green® Program integrates its rigorous product testing requirements with several public health standards and EPA guidelines. There simply is not a more conservative, thorough, or transparent IAQ product-certification program available. The MAS Certified Green® Program is ISO 17065 third-party certification accredited and recognized by LEED, CDPH, BIFMA, CHPS, and GSA as meeting the laboratory testing standards of these organizations.


Why does all of this matter?

Besides gaining favor with consumers interested in environmentally sustainable products, businesses using static dissipative flooring also sometimes gain monetary benfits. Many government organizations offer tax benefits and rewards for becoming more environmentally conscious.


By relying on a third party to certify products, you can feel confident in investing in a product that exceeds standards. At SelecTech, our team is proud to offer a line of no VOC products. Products that keep not only our clients healthy but perpetuates the idea of living a more sustainable lifestyle.

For more information about our MAS Certified Green ESD flooring, please contact the experts at SelecTech today by calling (508) 583-3200 and discover a flooring solution you can feel good about purchasing.