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Static Season Is Upon Us!

Those working in the electronics manufacturing field, in data centers, or any other ESD-sensitive area knows how important it is to have the proper ESD floor carpet and the impact static has on their projects- especially during the winter season. StaticStop knows that many of our customers are well-versed in ESD science, but there are many out there who might not understand the implications the weather has on potential static.

So, what is ESD?

ESD is the abbreviation for electrostatic discharge, which is what occurs when electrical charges build up in or on the surface of a material. Most materials are neutrally charged, as they have equal protons and electrons. Static electricity occurs when there is a parting of positive and negative charges.

When two materials make contact, it’s possible for electrons to move from one to the next, leaving an abundance of positive charges on one side and an equal negative charge on the other. These charges will remain imbalanced when the materials are separated. Discharge occurs when the excess charge is neutralized by a flow of charges from or to its surroundings.

As we’ve mentioned, this static forms on the surface of the floor and the moisture in the air plays a huge factor in the possibility of electrostatic discharge. In humid conditions, water molecules can occur on the surface of materials, which acts as a natural conductor. These water particles touch the object, absorb the charge, and in turn, encounter other particles of water which allows the charge to spread away from the original object and diluting the change of ESD. So, when the air becomes dry in the winter months, it is far more likely for companies who have the ESD-sensitive equipment to face damages caused by static.

Luckily, there are businesses out there like StaticStop who dedicate themselves to making reliable ESD carpet tile to help prevent electrostatic discharge. Our interlocking tiles can be easily installed over problem subfloors and do not require a vapor barrier or underlayment. Have the flooring installed by our professionals or tackle this project on the weekend with your employees. Our flooring is designed to have the least impact on production while providing superior ESD qualities.

For more information about our flooring, please contact us today by calling (508) 583-3200.