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StaticStop Contributes to LEED Points

Green ESD Flooring

If you’ve been thinking about investing in conductive floor tile for your business, it isn’t completely unreasonable to assume you might not have thought about how choosing recycled flooring could contribute to your LEED points. Luckily, StaticStop is a company dedicated to creating sustainable flooring solutions, including ESD flooring.

What are LEED points?

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) points are a rating system created by the United States Green Building Council to assess the performance of a building based on environmental variables. This means that when a design is chosen for a building, whether it be interior or exterior, it becomes measurable on their scale for “green” contributions. These points are helping lead our building creation and renovations toward more sustainable design options, including static control flooring.

When SelecTech first started our business years ago, our focus was not on floors at all. When we began, we were a recycling company dedicated to reusing products that were otherwise wasted or thrown away. As we moved further into the flooring industry, we strived to continue our work to improving the environment by offering recycle-content and recyclable ESD flooring, and love the incentives LEED points offer our customers. For example, often times a city will offer tax credits or grants for green buildings, or will require a LEED point minimum in order for a public building to be used for business. Depending on your needs, our flooring options might be the answer to your next project.

While searching for conductive floor tiles, consider working with companies dedicated to our environment all while helping your commercial space gain more LEED points. Whether it is for our quality products, or the additional benefits they offer while you renovate your commercial space, StaticStop would be happy to assist you in anyway possible. With more questions, please give our experts a call at (877) 738-4537.