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Is It Time to Replace Your Commercial Carpet?

Being in the same commercial space for years can really show the wear and tear your floor goes through on a regular basis. One place that can be extremely noticeable is on your carpet. StaticStop can understand the appeal of carpet in an office or work environment, and we also know why you might not want to invest in new flooring, especially if you’re in need of ESD carpet. If you’ve been contemplating your need for new carpet, here’s a few reasons why you should make the switch to our ESD floor carpet tile.

Stains and Discoloration

When you have new customers or clients enter your facility, you want to make a great first impression. Mud, dirt, salt, and other spills that might be found on your current carpet are not ideal for any business owner. Wow your clientele with professionalism and cleanliness with durable and great looking floors.

Consider what you can’t see

Carpets are known for holding onto microorganisms like dust, dirt, bacteria, and in some cases mold. Both under and in the carpet can be a slew of unwanted guests in your office. Not to mention, if your subfloors have caused trouble for you in the past, you might be facing ESD issues that are being caused by your current carpet.

Luckily, StaticStop has an answer with our OhmStyle ESD™ carpet tiles. This static control system is conductive, connected, and grounded. Combined with our conductive releasable adhesive, you will see high moisture tolerance, lifetime protection against a spectrum of molds, mildews, and odor-causing microorganisms, and a more attractive workspace.

If you are searching for carpet or other ESD floor products, StaticStop will have the selection for you. With more questions about our products or services, call our experts today at (508) 583-3200.