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Automotive and Transportation

The use of electronics in the automotive industry is expanding at a tremendous rate as new systems are being added annually. These systems have to function properly to meet comfort and safety requirements, all while working in a mobile environment that is subjected to more stress than a typical electronic device. Failures in devices can have far-reaching impacts. Having a reliable ESD Protected Area (EPA) is critical and often required by the end-users of the products being made.

The most common standard used to implement an EPA and ESD control program in these environments is the ANSI/ESD S20.20-2014 along with its accompanying guidance document, ESD TR53. As electronics get smaller, their sensitivity to ESD damage increases. This creates an added focus on controlling ESD. Many manufacturers create ESD programs that are even stricter than these standards due to the sensitivity of the devices being made. StaticStop has the products, expertise, and knowledge to provide the right flooring solution at the best value to meet these stringent EPA requirements.

Automotive Flooring Tiles

StaticStop products frequently used in these environments include:

FreeStyle ESD Interlocking

FreeStyle CVT Glue-Down

Conductive vinyl is the most frequently used material in these settings, since it provides a surface that is durable and has an attractive finish. All of StaticStop’s FreeStyle and FreeStyle CVT products exceed the requirements of ANSI/ESD S20.20-2014 for both electrical resistance (ASTM/ESD S97.1) and charge generation (ASTM/ESD S97.2). These interlocking products also have easy installation, with minimal disruption to sensitive operations. This saves time and money while preventing potential damage to equipment.
SelecTile ESD This industrial-grade ESD flooring solution is built to absorb strong impact. In some areas of an aerospace or defense manufacturing facility, an extra-durable surface is needed to handle wear from things like heavy fork trucks, vehicle traffic, or high-impact test areas. The SelecTile ESD is built specifically for this type of environment.
EpoxyStyle ESD StaticStop’s two-part epoxy floor coating is a relatively inexpensive solution for areas that need reliable static control. It’s typically used in more open areas and warehouses. Our High-Build EpoxyStyle is a multi-layer, highly durable epoxy floor coating that is built for specialized, high-traffic areas that also require a gloss finish.