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Data Centers and Network Offices

Shrinking devices and faster processing speeds are making it easier for IT components to be damaged by ESD. Unprotected IT devices can be damaged at around 250 volts. The next several generations of devices will see vulnerability drop to around 125 volts. Significant risk to the hardware exists even when there is no perceptible ESD present. In fact, damage can occur at ten times below the perceptible limit. At these very low levels, an extensive ESD protocol is required. ESD can be generated by the personnel in the room or the space’s hardware itself.

ASHRAE TC 9.9 provides a guidance on controlling ESD in data centers. The goal is to minimize electrostatic voltage potentials between all items within the area deemed to be ESD sensitive.

StaticStop has the products, expertise, and knowledge to provide the right flooring solution, at the best value to meet these stringent requirements.

Data Center Flooring

StaticStop products frequently used in these environments include:

FreeStyle ESD Interlocking

FreeStyle CVT Glue-Down

Conductive vinyl is most often used in these settings as it provides an attractive surface that lasts very well. In regards to ESD requirements, all of StaticStop’s FreeStyle and FreeStyle CVT products exceed the requirements of ASHRAE TC 9.9. These interlocking products also have easy installation with minimal disruption to sensitive operations. This will save time and money while preventing potential damage to equipment.
SelecTile ESD This industrial-grade ESD flooring solution is built to take a beating. In some areas of data centers and networked offices, an extra-durable surface is needed to handle wear from high-traffic and extremely sensitive equipment. The SelecTile ESD is built specifically for this type of abuse.
OhmStyle ESD Carpet OhmStyle ESD carpet provides superior aesthetics, comfort, and sound absorption while also offering a highly effective control of static build-up. For networked offices, this is a great choice. This option has the design and comfort that you’d expect in a traditional office environment, while providing high-level ESD protection.