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Explosives and Munitions

A discharge of accumulated static in the presence of explosive materials or devices can have disastrous results. There are several standards that address the control of ESD in these vulnerable areas, including: NFPA 77, DoD 4145.26-M, DA PAM 385-64. These standards all require the use of conductive flooring with a suggested requirement of maximum resistance of a person’s body, the resistance of the conductive footwear. Also, the resistance of the floor to the ground system should not exceed 1 meg Ohm combined. This generally means that the resistance of the flooring, by itself, must be below 1 meg Ohm so the added resistance of the person and their footwear doesn’t exceed the total limit.

StaticStop has a special line of flooring that is designed to specifically address these more stringent standards.

Explosives Factory Flooring

StaticStop products frequently used in these environments include:

FreeStyle ESD Interlocking MIL grade

FreeStyle CVT Glue-Down MIL grade

Conductive vinyl is the most often used material in these settings as it provides an attractive surface that is also durable. In regards to ESD requirements, all of StaticStop’s FreeStyle and FreeStyle CVT MIL grade products exceed the requirements of NFPA 77 and DoD 4145.26-M. These interlocking products are easy to install, with minimal disruption to sensitive operations. This saves time and money while preventing potential damage to equipment.
SelecTile ESD MIL grade This industrial-grade ESD flooring solution is built to take a beating. In some areas of an aerospace or defense manufacturing facility, an extra-durable surface is needed to handle wear from things like heavy fork trucks, vehicle traffic, or high-impact test areas. The SelecTile ESD MIL grade is built specifically for this type of abuse.
EpoxyStyle ESD StaticStop’s two-part epoxy floor coating is a relatively inexpensive solution for areas that need reliable static control. It’s typically used in more open areas and warehouses. Our High-Build EpoxyStyle is a multi-layer, very durable epoxy floor coating that is built for demanding and high-traffic areas that also require a gloss finish.